Cowboy Poetry
Walking D Ranch Adventures 

John P. Doran,
Poet, Performer and Professional Cowboy

The spirit of the West best expresses itself in the image and myth of the American cowboy: independent, hard working and a little bit crazy. The cowboy represents a way of life full of appreciation for the beauty of our country and its natural wonders. Thoughts of freedom and grandeur take on new meanings when the world is seen from horseback.

However, long hours in the saddle dealing with cantankerous mules, rugged terrain and inclement weather tempers the spirit and fosters a peculiar sense of humor. The distinct style of expression within "cowboy poetry" gives us a unique look into their world and all its peculiarities and profundity.

We invite you to enjoy the poetry that reflects the humor and greatness of the American West, as well as consider putting yourself, family or friends into the saddle and experience the West from horseback, while you still can. Your lives will be changed and enriched from the experience.


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Cowboy Poetry by John P. Doran
The "Celtic Cowboy"

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